Settling In

William was very calm the evening we moved him to Applewood.  He got there just in time for dinner, and then he stayed in his stall for the night instead of getting turned out like most of the other horses.  My barn owner thought it would be better if his first few turnouts were during the day when there was someone at the barn.  Apparently she was right.


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Welcome to Applewood, William!

We originally planned on moving William to Applewood on October 1st, but due to the farrier schedule, moving day was moved up to today!  Which is awesome because having both of my horses in one place definitely will make things easier.  I don’t have a truck or trailer, but my barn owners graciously offered to pick William up and bring him back to his new home.

Loading onto the trailer like the pro that he is.

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AHJA September 2016 Show at Applewood Farm

The Arkansas Hunter Jumper Association hosts six one-day schooling/unrated shows a year – three in the spring and three in the fall.  The September show is the first fall show after the summer break, supposedly when the weather has started to cool off.  The September show this year was hosted at Applewood Farm, the barn where I board Bunny.  Although Applewood is my “home barn”, Merlin lives at Harmony In Hooves, so it wasn’t a home show for him.

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AHJA June 2016 Show at the State Fairgrounds

And here’s one final show recap from a pre-blog show – the June 4th, 2016 AHJA show at the Arkansas State Fairgrounds.

The June show is the last spring show before AHJA takes the summer off.  Being in Arkansas, our summers are just too hot and humid to ride all day.  Although really, by June it was already pretty hot as well.  One advantage to riding in the Beginner Rider division was that it was the second division of the day, so still early enough in the morning that I didn’t have to show during the worst of the heat.  The June show was also held in a covered arena at the State Fairgrounds, which was good because not only did it provide some shade, but it provided shelter from the rain we had right before the show.

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