My Last Lesson on Merlin

I originally started riding Merlin to boost my confidence because riding and jumping Bunny in lessons wasn’t working out well for me due to how forward she was.  My first lesson with Merlin was December 20th, 2015.  At the time, I thought maybe I would just take a couple of lessons on Merlin – and meanwhile, Hannah was going to school Bunny for me.  I hoped that would solve both the problem of my confidence and the problem of Bunny’s forwardness.  Well, Hannah never got a chance to ride Bunny because we couldn’t get her trailered over to Harmony In Hooves.  But things did go so well with Merlin, that Misty and I decided I should keep taking lessons on him.

Merlin on the day of our first lesson together.

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Hot Buns

For being semi-retired, Bunny sure does have a lot of energy when I do ride her.  Probably too much energy!

From our ride on Wednesday – wearing the ear bonnet just for funsies because she’s adorable.

I made the mistake of giving Bunny about a week and a half off because of the horse show (and also because of rain).  Then I rode her Wednesday and today (Friday) of this week, and she was hot hot hot.

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Bootcamp for William

Before I started riding William, he had been out of work for a little while, and when he was being ridden regularly, it was by a 4th-5th grader.  Without having a firm rider, he’s picked up a few naughty habits – nothing major, but things that my trainer really wants to nip in the butt quickly.  Therefore, Misty thinks it’s best if William gets into a sort of a bootcamp program with her two working students, Katie and Emily.  Hopefully these “reminder rides” will serve as a tune up and help make my rides on him more productive as well.

Emily riding William

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AHJA October 2016 Show at Harmony In Hooves

The Arkansas Hunter Jumper Association October show is not just one of the six shows in our local show season, but it’s also a benefit show for Harmony In Hooves, the therapeutic riding program that Shana Rawlings runs.  In addition to the regular classes offered at all of the other AHJA shows (which also count towards AHJA year end points), there are two leadline classes at the beginning of the day for the therapy riders to show off their skills.  Because it’s also at the end of October, there is also a Halloween Costume fun class.

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