Welcome to the Family, Prada!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen this pretty face.

The pretty face belongs to Prada, a mare I’ve been riding since January.

I admit, when I started looking for another horse, I was not interested in a mare (I figured that Bunny was enough mare for me, ha).  Especially after William passed away, my heart was set on finding another gelding.  But my trainer suggested I give Prada a try anyway.  She was already at Applewood, her sale price was within my budget, and I figured it would at least give me a horse to ride in the meantime while Misty continued to look for other horses for me to try.  So I rode her once.  And then I rode her again.  And again.  And, crazy as I thought it was, I started falling for this mare.

So now, I can finally share the good news – as of today, Prada has officially joined our family!

Happy “Gotcha Day”, Prada!

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