About Bunny


  • Bunny is my “forever horse”.
  • She is 3/4 Thoroughbred and 1/4 Shire mare, and is registered as an American Warmblood.
  • Her registered name is Plum Bayou Easter.
  • Her birthday is April 2, 1994.
  • She was trained as an Eventing horse and competed in several Three-Day Events before I purchased her.
  • After we moved to Arkansas, my parents bought Bunny for me in the summer of 1999 when she was five years old and I was fifteen.
  • After we bought her, Bunny’s previous owner wanted her rider to take her to one last event.  At the event, Bunny colicked and needed to have surgery.  Although her previous owner gave us the option to back out of the sale at that point, I was already attached, so we decided to keep Bunny.  Over the next few years, Bunny colicked numerous times, and thus ended my hopes of riding her seriously or doing any competing with her.
  • Bunny has mostly lived a life of light leisure riding. Once we moved to our current barn, Applewood Farm, we connected with my trainer, Misty Morgan, and started doing some jumping lessons again.  Bunny is a very forward mover, which unfortunately gave me a lot of issues with confidence over fences.  It’s something I’m still working on.
  • In June 2016, Bunny was diagnosed with EPM.  We spent the summer treating her with Marquis, and luckily she made a full recovery.  The vet cleared her for light flatwork again in August 2016.