Moving On and Horse Shopping

I’ve been having a hard time moving on from William’s passing, and therefore, I think I’ve been approaching my horse search as “finding another William”. But the reality is: I’m not going to find another William. He can never be replaced because there will never be another horse quite like him. I don’t need to set unrealistic expectations on other horses like that – it will only set me up for failure and more heartbreak. Instead, I need to keep my mind and my heart open, and not miss out on a good horse just because he/she isn’t William.

Rest In Peace William

I’ve stayed pretty quiet about what’s been going on with William’s health the last month and the decisions I’ve had to consider and make over that time period. I don’t want to discuss specific details of that or what happened, but as this is something that has majorly impacted me, I will share that William passed away this morning. He was an amazing horse and will be missed by many. I’m grateful for the time I had to call him almost mine.

To The Moon
To The Moon
I love you To The Moon
To The Moon and back
To The Moon and back
I love you To The Moon and back

Bootcamp for William

Before I started riding William, he had been out of work for a little while, and when he was being ridden regularly, it was by a 4th-5th grader.  Without having a firm rider, he’s picked up a few naughty habits – nothing major, but things that my trainer really wants to nip in the butt quickly.  Therefore, Misty thinks it’s best if William gets into a sort of a bootcamp program with her two working students, Katie and Emily.  Hopefully these “reminder rides” will serve as a tune up and help make my rides on him more productive as well.

Emily riding William

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William Makes a New Friend

Most of the horses at Applewood are turned out with one other horse.  William is currently in a paddock by himself though, although he’ll hopefully have a pasture-mate soon when one of the boarder’s new horse arrives later this month.  In the meantime, I think he’s been a bit lonely.  He’s tried to make friends with Bunny, as her paddock is right next to his, but she has no interest in being his friend (*sadface*), and neither does her pasture-mate Cinco (aka Girlfriend).  The paddock on the other side of his is home to two geldings, Amigo and Irish, but they have each other and haven’t seemed very interested in being his friends over the fence either.  So I think William and I were both very excited when he met and became friends with Honest today.

William and Honest getting to know each other.

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Learning To Trust

I’ve now had two lessons on William since he moved to Applewood.  Already, I’m getting more used to riding him, and my confidence is growing again.  I did have one of Misty’s working students ride him for the first time right after moving to Applewood, just in case because I’m a weenie, and then had her other working student ride him again after all the jumps were rearranged, also just in case because I’m a weenie.  Both times, William didn’t bat an eye at anything, of course.  So, once I was convinced that William wouldn’t spook at any of the jumps, I felt better about jumping him myself.

William on the morning of our first lesson at Applewood. So handsome!

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