My Riding Story – Part 1

I’m going to assume that people who view my new YouTube channel probably haven’t been reading my blog all along.  And since I’m the kind of person who always wants to know someone’s story before I really get into reading their blog or watching their YouTube channels, maybe I’m a bit prone to being obsessed with sharing all of the details of my story – in case anyone else is curious too.  So, I decided that the best way to kick off my YouTube channel was with first an Intro video that gave some background information on me and the horses.  And then of course the next logical step would be to make even more videos with even more background information, right?  Cause that’s what I did, so I hope I’m not just over-sharing, haha.  Oh well.  I figured my blog reader’s might appreciate the video as well, especially because it features lots of footage of adorable little child me.  😉

So here’s my latest video.  I promise I’ll be back to posting actual BLOG posts soon too.