First Post-EPM Canter

Bunny finished her last dose of Marquis on Saturday.  This was her second, and hopefully last, round of the medicine.  I saw Dr. Hanley at Applewood yesterday and let him know, and scheduled another appointment for another neurological exam re-check.  We discussed how she’s been under saddle, and I mentioned that I hadn’t cantered her yet because I wanted to take her reconditioning slowly.  Dr. Hanley said that was a good idea, but suggested that we could start adding a little bit of cantering by now, and actually encouraged it because he really wanted to know how she was at the canter before he did the follow up exam.

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Our First September Ride

Our rides these days may not be very exciting, but I had a really great ride on Bunny this morning.


It really felt like September today, instead of just August Part 2.  I got to the barn by around 7:30am, and was in the arena by 8:00am.  It was still nice and cool, with a breeze, and most of the arena was in the shade.  I wasn’t questioning my sanity because I had chosen to wear a long sleeve sun-shirt.  Even the flies seemed to be leaving us alone for once.

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Bunny’s EPM Journey

It started with weight loss.

Bunny’s always been an easy keeper.  And when I say easy, I mean easy.  There’s been only a few times in her life when she’s gotten much more than a handful to a small scoop of good.  So when she started losing weight, I figured it was part of old age.  My barn owner was on top of things and started upping Bunny’s daily rations back in mid-May.  When the weight loss continued, we upped her grain again in the beginning of June.

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