William Makes a New Friend

Most of the horses at Applewood are turned out with one other horse.  William is currently in a paddock by himself though, although he’ll hopefully have a pasture-mate soon when one of the boarder’s new horse arrives later this month.  In the meantime, I think he’s been a bit lonely.  He’s tried to make friends with Bunny, as her paddock is right next to his, but she has no interest in being his friend (*sadface*), and neither does her pasture-mate Cinco (aka Girlfriend).  The paddock on the other side of his is home to two geldings, Amigo and Irish, but they have each other and haven’t seemed very interested in being his friends over the fence either.  So I think William and I were both very excited when he met and became friends with Honest today.

William and Honest getting to know each other.

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