New Horse?

When we found out about Bunny’s EPM diagnosis, I was pretty heartbroken.  I knew that even if she survived and made a recovery, it would probably be time to retire her to light riding only.  At 22 years old, Bunny’s retirement was looming anyway.  Not that Bunny was going to ever be a great match for me as a Hunter, but there was a part of me that was trying to make it happen until the diagnosis.  And it’s been great riding Merlin this past eight months or so, but I know my time with him is borrowed because he’s Hannah’s horse and she has plans to move up the levels with him.

Robert was actually the one who planted the first seed in my head about getting a new horse.  He said he didn’t want to see me give up on riding, and that we’d make it work somehow.  So, around mid-July, I started my “unicorn list” – all of the qualities I wanted in a potential new horse.  I also started browsing horse sale sites, just to get a feel for what might be out there.

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My Non-Horsey Husband

In honor of his birthday, I thought today’s post should feature my husband, Robert.

I met Robert (or Rob, as I usually call him) in November or December of 2010, and by March 2011 we started casually dating.  By May 2011, we decided to become exclusive.  I’m not sure at what point I started to let on that I was one of those crazy horsegirls, but he did figure it out by the time we got engaged in April 2014, and luckily, it didn’t deter him.

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All the Other Animals

This blog is supposed to mostly be about my life with horses, but I feel like it’s important to mention, at least in one post, and introduce the other animals I consider part of my family.  Besides being a huge horse lover, I’m more accurately just a huge animal lover in general.  And this really does go for pretty much all animals, even bugs (except mosquitoes, I have absolutely no love for them).  I’m also a big advocate of animal rescue, and all of my animals besides Bunny are rescues.

Luckily my husband, Robert, is also an animal lover, because the two of us combined have quite a few pets.

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Introducing Merlin

The other horse in my life that I ride is Merlin, who is basically the opposite of Bunny.  Merlin, show name “Dark Chocolate”, is a  2010 dark bay Appendix Quarter Horse gelding who stands about 16.2 hands tall.


He belongs to Hannah Rawlings, a talented teenage rider who shows on our local circuit as well as some of the A rated shows in nearby states.  Hannah’s mother, Shana, runs a therapeutic riding center called Harmony In Hooves.

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