My Last Lesson on Merlin

I originally started riding Merlin to boost my confidence because riding and jumping Bunny in lessons wasn’t working out well for me due to how forward she was.  My first lesson with Merlin was December 20th, 2015.  At the time, I thought maybe I would just take a couple of lessons on Merlin – and meanwhile, Hannah was going to school Bunny for me.  I hoped that would solve both the problem of my confidence and the problem of Bunny’s forwardness.  Well, Hannah never got a chance to ride Bunny because we couldn’t get her trailered over to Harmony In Hooves.  But things did go so well with Merlin, that Misty and I decided I should keep taking lessons on him.

Merlin on the day of our first lesson together.

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The Lesson in which I Forgot My Course

I had my weekly lesson on Merlin today.  I warmed him up myself while Misty set up the jumps, and then as always, she had me warm up over a couple of single fences – this time a small gate on the quarterline in both directions.  Then she added in the gate on the outside line on the opposite end of the arena by the judge’s box, so that we started on the right lead, jumped the gate on the quarterline, and then went around to the other gate.  Then we started jumping a single vertical on the outside instead of the gate on the quarterline.

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I Survived My Lesson!

After not riding nearly as frequently as I would have liked to this summer, I am even more out of shape than normal.  This is even more apparent after riding Willie one day and riding Merlin the next – they’re both squeeze-rides, and getting them to go makes me use muscles that I don’t usually have to when I ride Bunny.  I’ve actually ridden three horses in three days – Bunny on Friday, Willie on Saturday, and Merlin on Sunday.  I was pretty tired and sore after riding Willie yesterday, so I was skeptical that I’d be able to survive my lesson on Merlin today.  But I did, woo! Continue Reading

Long Time No Lesson

I usually have a lesson on Merlin once a week.  This can vary of course, because it depends on not only my schedule, but also his owner Hannah’s schedule, and my trainer’s schedule.  Usually it’s not too difficult to have regular lessons, but this summer, my lessons have unfortunately been somewhat few and far between.  So far, we’ve missed lessons while Hannah and Misty were out of town at the Oklahoma Go Show, more lessons while I was out of town for the model horse madness that is NAN and BreyerFest, once while I was sick and running a fever, and then two more lessons when Rob and I took a vacation to Panama City, Florida.  There may have also been a time that Misty was out of town to judge a horse show elsewhere.

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