2017 – A Look Back

2017 is coming to a close, and while I’ve been really excited to look forward to 2018, first I think it’s important to look back and acknowledge my accomplishments this year.

2017 started out with me being in a pretty low place.  Sure, I had accomplished a lot in 2016, especially when it came to my confidence in the saddle, and I’d had a stellar show year.  But I’d also taken a lot of hits that year when it came to my personal life.  Still fresh was the loss of William, the horse I had been leasing-to-own until his unexpected passing.  I didn’t know how or when my trainer and I would start horse shopping again, and with that up in the air, I wasn’t even sure if I’d have a 2017 show season or not.

But, I had my first ride on Prada in January at my trainer’s suggestion.  She wasn’t really what I thought I was looking for, but I figured since she was already at my barn, trying her out would at least give me something to do until Misty and I could plan a trip to look at horses.  Instead, I fell in love with her, and bought her in mid-February.

January 12, 2017 – Prada on the day of our first ride together.

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Hot Buns

For being semi-retired, Bunny sure does have a lot of energy when I do ride her.  Probably too much energy!

From our ride on Wednesday – wearing the ear bonnet just for funsies because she’s adorable.

I made the mistake of giving Bunny about a week and a half off because of the horse show (and also because of rain).  Then I rode her Wednesday and today (Friday) of this week, and she was hot hot hot.

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Riding and Updates

It’s been a busy week here, so I haven’t had a chance to do much blogging.  Also, I’m not sure how exciting my rides really are to be writing about them every day.  I rode Bunny on Monday and then again today.  My rides on her are just flatwork and going over some poles and cavaletti, doing circles, etc.  We’re trotting for longer intervals, and cantering too now that we got the all clear from Dr. Hanley.  But still, I wouldn’t call our hacks all that exciting.  She got Magnawaved yesterday afternoon, so this morning she felt especially good and we got several compliments from fellow boarders about how much better she’s looking these days, which made me happy.

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First Post-EPM Canter

Bunny finished her last dose of Marquis on Saturday.  This was her second, and hopefully last, round of the medicine.  I saw Dr. Hanley at Applewood yesterday and let him know, and scheduled another appointment for another neurological exam re-check.  We discussed how she’s been under saddle, and I mentioned that I hadn’t cantered her yet because I wanted to take her reconditioning slowly.  Dr. Hanley said that was a good idea, but suggested that we could start adding a little bit of cantering by now, and actually encouraged it because he really wanted to know how she was at the canter before he did the follow up exam.

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